The industry's latest offerings.

Cleaning Solvents
Florida Chemical Co.
CITRUSoy™ cleaning solvents can replace petrochemical-based chemicals used in paint-stripper and graffiti-remover formulations. Derived from citrus peels and soybeans, the solvents offer safety and versatility. With excellent solvent properties, they contain non-hazardous ingredients, blend well with other solvents and are a low-VOC alternative. Their high flash points are an added benefit for coatings-removal product formulations. Call 863/294.8483.

Air Products Polymers, L.P.
Airflex® EF811 emulsion polymer is an aqueous dispersion of a VAE copolymer developed specifically as a high-performance, cost-competitive replacement for vinyl acrylic copolymers. Formulators can replace the vinyl acrylic in their formulations on an equivalent weight basis to gain improved performance, or optimize their formulations by reducing the levels of solvent, thickener or even latex to provide significant formulated cost savings. Call 800/345.3148 or

Nanophase Technologies Corp.
The new nanomaterial, tin oxide, is approximately 30 nanometers with tight particle size distribution and is targeted for electronic applications and transparent conductive coatings. Nanophase has annual full-scale commercial production capability for these materials in the metric ton(s) range. Nanomaterial products are typically available as nanoparticles, coated nanoparticles and nanoparticle dispersions in a variety of media. Call 630/771.6729, or email < a href="">

Pigment Dispersion
Plasticolors Inc.
The AldeSol™ line of universal, solventborne pigment dispersions is composed of 18 single-pigment masstones. The line consists of finely milled pigments in a blend of aldehyde resin, proprietary additives and PM Acetate. AldeSol dispersions deliver optimum pigment solids, yielding a rheologically controlled product that provides shelf life stability and ease of handling. Call 440/997.5137 or

Coating Dispersions
Acronal® DS 6250 is an aqueous acrylate dispersion that acts as a binding agent for high-gloss paints. The product matches the technical properties of solventborne alkyds. This application allows the content of VOCs in ready-formulated paints to be significantly reduced. The company also offers Acronal DS 6252 X and Acronal DS 6257 X for elastic coatings. They do not become tacky in high temperatures and adhere well to all surfaces.

Epoxy Curing Agent
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
Gaskamine 240 epoxy hardener offers long pot life, fast film drying, excellent adhesion, and good solvent and chemical resistance. It can bring improvements to a variety of applications, including high-gloss topcoats, self-leveling flooring, adhesives, and anti-corrosive and high-build coatings. The properties of this patented technology include the very low viscosity of 66 (mPa•s/25° C) that allows formulating low-cost systems based on high filler levels. This applies to both non-solvent and high-solids paints. Call 212/752.4620, ext. 104.

Surface-Coating Resins and Polyvinyl Butyrals
Wacker Specialties
This company offers VINNOL® surface-coating resins and PIOLOFORM® polyvinyl butyrals. The resins are notable for their custom-made product grades and for the variety of combinations with which the coating properties can be adjusted. In addition, they are physiologically safe and show high chemical resistance. The polyvinyl butyrals offer a broad, application-specific product range, good adhesion to numerous substrates, high flexibility and abrasion resistance. They are also odorless and tasteless.

Aluminum Pigments
Eckart America L.P.
This company has added four new products to its SDF Series of non-leafing aluminum pigments. The SDF-6 Series is domestically manufactured at the company's Louisville, KY, operation. The four new grades include fine, medium, medium-course and course, which have an average particle size ranging from 10 to 35 microns. These different grades each offer a distinct and bright visual effect for decorative, solventborne aluminum coatings formulations. Call 502/775.4241.