Watch for new products on the market.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products offers stainless steel flakes for use as a high-performance additive in protective paints and a brightening pigment in decorative coatings. The material is produced from type 316L stainless steel that combines excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. For more information, phone 724/250.5182 or

Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.'s Drew Industrial business announces the introduction of DREWPLUS(r) TS-4481 defoamer for water-based coatings. The product provides highly effective antifoaming properties in the wet film with a revolutionary dissolution effect during drying. DREWPLUS TS-4481 defoamer exhibits outstanding macro and micro foam control during processing and application of the coating. For more information, phone 800/526.1015 or visit

Clariant Pigments & Additives announces two new red-violet pigments for solvent- and waterborne coatings systems. Hostaperm(r) Red Violets ERX and ERX-WD are suitable for metallic and pearlescent shades, or for tinting solid shades. For more information, phone 800/441.4414 or visit

Laurel Products LLC offers Ultraflon(tm) products. The product portfolio includes PTFE micropowders treated with hydroxyl or carboxylic acid groups on the surface of the powder. The company says the powders demonstrate exceptional flow and dispersion characteristics. For more information, phone Susan Flaherty, 610/828.4500; or e-mail

Nanocor Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCOL International Corp., announces the commercial introduction of its newest product line based on nanotechnology, Rheospan(r). The material, a sag control additive for use in unsaturated polyester resin, provides an alternative to traditional sag control materials, such as fumed silica and standard organoclays. For more information, visit

Poseidon Ocean Sciences Inc. is developing nontoxic, environmentally friendly chemicals that can be added to marine paints to prevent the attachment of barnacles, oysters and other hard fouling organisms. The company also manufactures biochemicals that are effective against mold, mildew and fungi for use as in-can preservatives and for use in preventing growth of terrestrial fouling organisms on coated surfaces. For more information, contact Jonathan R. Matias, phone 212/573.6050 or fax 212/573.6351.