PORTLAND, ME – Intertech Conferences announced plans for its 7th International Colorants Conference, "High-Performance Pigments 2000," described as a market-development program on performance colorants. The conference, scheduled for Sept. 11-13 in Berlin, Germany, will offer an overview of new technologies and emerging markets for organic and inorganic high-performance pigments, the company said.

Specific program topics include the global market for high-performance pigments, including the impact of producer consolidation and the strong market recovery in Asia; recent developments in pigment technologies, end-use applications and delivery systems; the influence of new research results on the crystal design of pigments; the potential for e-commerce solutions for marketing and supply-chain management; and others. The keynote address will be delivered by Roman Maisch, Merck Pigments, who will discuss "Effect Pigments – Challenges for the Next Decade."

More information: 207/781.9800; e-mail info@intertechusa.com; website www.intertechusa.com.