COLUMBUS, OH - Science and technology institute Battelle and the Ohio Soybean Council recently received an "R&D 100" Innovation Award for the development of soy-based toner for use in laser printers, copy machines and fax machines.

Battelle, based in Columbus, is currently seeking several companies to help make commercialization of the soy-based toner a reality. The source of funding will ultimately determine the scale of activities for soy-based toner, the organization said.

"Soy-based toner has the ability to make a significant impact in various printing markets while addressing two key issues: recyclability and total recovery of waste paper from offices," said Bhima Vijayendran, a Battelle researcher.

Vijayendran said he is confident the soy-based toner will succeed in the marketplace, due to a favorable environmental profile and growing interest in the product's multiple applications in the printing market. He said Battelle's soy-based toner compositions have been evaluated in commercial copiers, with the trials determining that soy-based toner is of good print quality.

The de-inking process, an important factor in judging recyclability, has also been successful in lab-scale trials. Evaluations have found that paper pulp from de-inking has contained extremely low levels of ink residue, resulting in cleaner and brighter pulp.

More information on soy-based toner is available on Battelle's webite, located at