the industry's latest offerings

New White Pigment
Bunge Fertilizantes, S.A.
BIPHOR™ is a new white pigment. The patented product demonstrates exceptional opacifying properties in key coatings applications, and will provide greater performance value than standard TiO2. The product provides the highest-percentage replacement for TiO2, is extremely durable, features a unique opacity mechanism for matte latex finishes, and is toxicologically and environmentally safe.

Multicolor Effect Pigment
EMD Chemicals Inc.
Colorstream® Tropic Sunrise WNT multicolor effect pigment demonstrates a color change from green through silver to tropical red and orange, depending on the angle of observation. The transparent properties allow for it to be used in conjunction with organic and inorganic colorants, as well as other effect pigments. Visit

Dow Corning
Company has introduced a new amine-functional siloxane resin - Dow Corning® 3052 intermediate resin - designed to improve the flexibility of epoxy resin-based industrial maintenance coatings without compromising recoatability. The new organofunctional siloxane resin crosslinks with the epoxy, creating a flexible coating with excellent recoat performance. It has minimal impact on epoxy coating's hardness or chemical resistance. Visit

Cationic Dye Fixative
Esprix Technologies
Company has launched a new line of cationic dye fixatives. EspriJET™ 3826 is designed to increase water smear resistance, dye ink compatibility, and significantly improve print image densities and color gamut in inkjet coating formulations. EspriJET 7020 is designed to bring a new level of waterfastness, dye and pigment ink compatibility, and print image acuity to the digital imaging coating formulations marketplace. Visit

Adhesion Promoter Blends
Chartwell International, Inc.
Company has developed three high-performance super adhesion promoter blends useful for enhancing bonding to metals, concrete, wood and plastic films. CSA-571HR-A is a blend of Chartwell C-515.71HR (aminofunctional) and diamino silane. CSE-571HR-T is a blend of Chartwell C-515.71HR and epoxy functional silane. Both products are intended for use in 2K epoxy/2K PU and most waterborne acrylic and PUD. BSE-12HT is a blend of Chartwell B-515.1/ 2H (amino functional) and epoxy silane intended for use in phenolics, 2K epoxy and 2K PU. Visit

Zinc Oxides
AdNano® fumed zinc oxide increases the lifetime of outdoor coatings by providing effective stability at high temperatures and long-life protection that conventional UV absorbers cannot match. Properties include excellent dispersion capability and transparency. Call 732/981.5000.

Huntsman Performance Products
EMPIMIN® PCA products are recommended for use in decorative and protective paint and coating systems that require the delivery of consistently high-quality polymer dispersions. These include acrylate homo- and copolymer; vinyl acetate copolymer; and styrene-acrylate copolymer dispersions. Visit