MIDLAND, MI - The Dow Chemical Co. announced a reorganization of its global business groups into three units as part of an effort to improve the company's financial performance and strengthen long-term prospects. The announcement follows a recent change in top executive leadership at the company.

Andrew N. Liveris, Dow's newly named president and chief operating officer, also announced the appointment of three senior vice presidents to lead the three business units, now called global business portfolios:

Michael R. Gambrell will head Chemicals and Intermediates, which includes Organic Intermediates, Solvents and Monomers (OISM), Oxide Derivatives, Chlor-Vinyls, Chlorinated Organics, Cal/Mag, Propylene Oxide/Propylene Glycol (PO/PG), and Acrylates.

Philip H. Cook will head Performance Chemicals and Thermosets, which includes Polyurethanes, Polyurethane Systems, Epoxy, Dow Latex (Emulsion Polymers & UCAR Emulsion Systems), Industrial Chemicals, Specialty Polymers (excluding Acrylates), Water Soluble Polymers, Custom and Fine Chemicals, and Licensing.

Romeo Kreinberg will head Dow's plastics portfolio.