LOS ANGELES - A jury in Los Angeles found that Kelly-Moore Paint Co. was not negligent in an asbestos-exposure claim filed by a lung-cancer victim.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court jury found that joint compound produced by Kelly-Moore between 1960 and 1978 was not defective and that the company had not failed to warn of any potential hazard. The $9 million claim had been filed by Ernesto Escamilla, an electrician who alleged that exposure to the joint compound 26 years ago had caused his cancer.

Stephen J. Foley, an attorney who represented Kelly-Moore, said the verdict "demonstrates that once the jury hears all the facts of Kelly-Moore's very limited use of asbestos 35 years ago, it concludes that the company acted very reasonably and responsibly."

Foley said he has recently tried three similar cases for Kelly-Moore in California. In two cases, juries found in favor of Kelly-Moore. In the other case, jurors found 10% responsibility.