NEWTON, MA - Microfluidics, a wholly owned subsidiary of MFIC Corp., has devised a methodology to process, deagglomerate, and facilitate purification and stabilization of carbon nanotubes so they can be used in an optimal manner, thus achieving enhanced functionality and performance.
The company has identified and demonstrated several specific operational protocols utilizing its Microfluidizer® processor systems to prepare these bulk nanotubes for their ultimate specific uses. These applications capitalize on the unique mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of carbon nanotubes, and require dispersion of the nanotubes in liquid media and independent length reduction of the carbon nanotubes.
Carbon nanotubes are noted for their tubular shape, extremely small diameter with respect to length, and exceptional physical, mechanical and electrical properties. When prepared in diameters in the 10-50 nanometer range, the unique characteristics of strength, conductivity and quantum behavior become highly desirable and are thus incorporated into a multitude of commercial products.
Microfluidizer processors are ideal for conditioning carbon nanotubes (and nanomaterials in general) for applications that include high-tensile strength polymers, fabric treatments, lubricants, medical therapeutics, computer memory and chips, electronic devices, medical diagnostic biolabels, and photovoltaic cell components.
Microfluidics is a supplier of advanced fluid processing equipment and reaction technology for laboratory, pilot scale and manufacturing applications. The equipment enables the manufacture and formulation of numerous nanomaterials and nanoscale products and produces the most uniform and smallest liquid and suspended solid particles available.
Companies seeking to produce difficult-to-formulate products or to find better methods of bio-processing can take advantage of complimentary sample testing at one of three Microfluidics facilities. Visit, email or contact Microfluidics at 800/370.5452 for application information.