CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Coatings Society (CCS) will hold its 49th annual technical symposium on waterborne and innovate coatings on May 23-24, 2006. Sink or Swim 2006 will take place at the University of Akron in conjunction with the Department of Polymer Engineering.

Topics in the works are raw materials; application methods and equipment; new pretreatments, especially for metal; the paint industry and the Internet; high-heat coatings; low-VOC (50-150 g/l) architectural coatings; improved corrosion resistance; general architectural coatings; experimental design; emulsion polymerization/polymers; new polymer technologies; automotive water-based coatings; VOC/HAPs issues; film formation; basic formulating; and process and manufacturing.

Exhibits will be held on both days from 10:00 a.m. until noon; no presentations will be scheduled during exhibit hours.

This year's meeting will also include a poster competition. First-, second- and third-place cash awards will be given. Poster entry forms must be filled out in order to participate.

For more information, contact Mary Harding at