LONDON - Information Research (IRL) has recently published a statistical study that highlights the best growth opportunities for paint exporters in "The World's Fastest-Growing Paint Export Markets." About half of these markets are demonstrating value growth, which is trailing volume growth, while the other half are proving much more valuable in purely commercial terms.

Some of the paint export markets have more than doubled in size since the year 2000, although the most rapid growth in both volume and value is to be found in places such as Albania, Moldova and Georgia. In some cases, the markets for imported paints in these countries have tripled and even quadrupled in terms of demand, presenting a wealth of opportunity for major exporters.

Paint exports to Jordan offer a good picture of the main sources of paint around the world, chiefly Germany, Italy, the U.K. and Turkey, and within the Middle Eastern region of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which are two important centers for paint production. The United States and Brazil are more important sources of paint in Central and South America.

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