GONZALES, Texas - Southern Clay Products, Inc., appointed a network of industrial market distributors for the United States and Canada. The distributors will market Southern Clay Products' complete portfolio of specialty rheological additives into paint, coatings and affiliated markets, effective as contracts allow during the first half of 2006.

Southern Clay Products' newly formed industrial market distribution network will utilize the services of the following companies in the specific regions shown:

  • D. H. Litter Co. - Northeast;

  • Dunleary Inc. - Middle Atlantic;

  • Gulf Coast Chemical Corp. - Florida;

  • T. H. Hilson Co. - Midwest;

  • Palmer Holland - Ohio, Michigan ;

  • Archway Sales, Inc. - Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado;

  • Ribelin Sales, Inc. - Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama;

  • Dowd & Guild - West Coast;

  • Westendorf Chemical - Pacific Northwest;

  • Andicor Specialty Chemicals - Canada.