FRANKFURT, Germany - Degussa's Coatings & Colorants Business Unit announced a reorganization of its Resins Business Line, an action the company said more closely aligns the product line with strategic market needs. The business line has been divided into two new lines:
  • Performance Resins, headed by Christian Kather, formerly head of the company's Colorants business in Europe. The line includes VESTOPLAST amorphous polyalphaolefins, VESTOWAX synthetic waxes and Specialty Resins, and

  • Polyesters, headed by Thomas Wildt, formerly head of Strategic Projects for the Coatings & Colorants Business Unit. The line includes coatings and adhesives polyesters (DNYAPOL/DYNACOLL).
The Coatings & Colorants business said Norbert Finke, currently head of R&D, will assume responsibility for Corporate Innovation. Werner Freitag, formerly head of the Resins business, was named to head R&D.