CARY, NC - Lord Corp. announced an expansion of the company's Automotive Solutions site in Wixom, MI, with the construction of a 19,020-square-foot facility that houses the operation's automotive sales office and a 7,736-square-foot formulation and testing laboratory, automotive aftermarket training classroom and a garage suitable for hands-on automotive application training.

The company, which supplies a number of specialty coatings and adhesives for the automotive market, said the expansion will provide enhanced testing and prototyping capabilities.

Dan Adam, Lord Corp.'s senior Global Account manager, said the company's investment in the new facility "will allow our technology-based company to better serve and train automotive customers on a variety of industry issues, ranging from acrylic, epoxy, and urethane adhesive solutions to applications know-how." He said the new facility includes an automotive applications lab for auto-assembly equipment, development and demonstration.

Lord Corp.'s Automotive Solutions business supplies a range of products for the automotive sector, including adhesives and coatings for assembly and repair applications. The products include the MetalJacket aqueous anticorrosion metal treatment and coating system; Chemglaze coatings for multi-layer steel head automotive engine gaskets and Photoglaze UV-cured coatings for glass frit and interior trim; Autoseal adhesives and coatings for weatherstrip and interior/exterior applications; and electronic assembly adhesives and coatings.