WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it is proposing amendments to a chemical reporting system to identify risk and exposure information for 9,000 chemicals currently used or produced in the United States. The proposal would require companies to provide additional data that would assist the EPA and other organizations in identifying risks and exposure to chemicals in the workplace and in commerce. The EPA said the data would allow regulators and chemical users to screen existing chemicals to identify potential risks. The proposed amendments would alter the existing TSCA Inventory Update Rule by adding exposure-related information on the use and manufacture of chemicals currently reported. The amendments also propose to collect information for currently exempt inorganic chemicals. In addition, the EPA is proposing changes to the process for making and retaining confidential business-information claims. For more information, contact Susan Krueger at 202/260.1713; e-mail krueger. susan@epa.gov. A copy of the proposed rule is available at www.epa.gov/fedrgstr.