The industry's latest offerings.

  • Colorants

    CPS Color: This company is expanding its Monicolor™ F colorant system with two additional colorants, Cobalt Green and Turquoise Green, increasing the number of Monicolor F colorants to 12. The colorants can be used in typical façade products such as silicone emulsion paints, silicate dispersions and acrylic plasters, but are also suitable for tinting waterborne acrylate latexes. Visit

  • Specialty Coatings

    Michelman: Company offers a full line of specialty coatings that protect against corrosion, insect infestation and provide a high angle of skid for the paperboard and corrugated box industry. With the RustBan® line of coatings there's no need to wrap corrodible products in VCI paper or insert them into a VCI bag, thus eliminating a step in your manufacturing/packaging operation. The new BugBan™ line prevents insect infestation of packaging. The SofTak™ line increases the angle of skid of paper. Visit

  • UV Resins

    Cytec Industries Inc.: UCECOAT® waterborne UV resins offer the advantages of higher performance, faster curing, environmental compliance, and ease of application for a wide range of wood and non-wood coatings, including those used in wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, wood furniture, paper upgrading and vinyl/parquet flooring. These waterborne, UV-curable resins are also suitable for plastics and metal substrates, and can be used in primers, basecoats and topcoats. Visit

  • Oligomers and Monomers

    Sartomer Company: UV/EB Technology for What's Next is a six-page catalog offering technical details on 23 new oligomers and three new monomers. Included is detailed technical data, including performance features like functionality, color, viscosity, density, refractive index, elongation and glass transition temperature. Call 800-SARTOMER.

  • Urethane Dispersions

    Noveon, Inc.: Sancure® OM-945 and Sancure OM-933 are waterborne, oil-modified urethane dispersions that employ a dual-crosslinking mechanism, providing levels of durability previously unachievable in conventional one-component wood coating products. The products incorporate an innovative crosslinking system that combines oxidative curing technology and an additional self-crosslinking mechanism. This dual-crosslinking technology ensures high durability in residential and commercial wood floor finish applications, and eliminates many potential health and environmental hazards that may occur when external crosslinkers are used. Visit