KANSAS CITY, MO -- Tnemec Co. Inc. and HaloSource Corp., Seattle, announced agreements to develop and commercialize antimicrobial based on HaloSource's "haloshield" technology.

The technology will "anchor" chlorine atoms to surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings, creating durable and "rechargeable" antimicrobial surfaces, Tnemec said. The coatings will obtain their antimicrobial properties when rinsed or wiped with a solution of chlorine bleach. The company said the technology is the result of research carried out by scientists at Auburn University.

Tnemec said that under the joint development agreement, the companies will work to combine the haloshield technology with new coatings materials developed by Tnemec. The deal gives Tnemec exclusive rights under a license agreement to commercialize the products in North America for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health-care, and military coatings markets.

Tnemec is a producer of architectural and industrial maintenance coatings for steel, concrete and masonry substrates for a range of end-use markets.