CANTON, Mass. - AirQual Corp. announced the acquisition of silver-based antimicrobial technology from DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise. Financial terms were not disclosed. AirQual said the acquisition includes antimicrobial powder technology, patent rights and products, and the transfer of EPA registrations.

The antimicrobial powders acquired by AirQual were formerly marketed under the DuPont MicroFree brand and will be sold under the ACT brand to the paint and coatings, building-materials, and other markets, AirQual said. The products are reported to provide protection against degradation caused by molds, mildew and other bacterial agents.

In announcing the acquisition, AirQual said the antimicrobial powder technology was developed to allow incorporation of coated particles into polymers. The company said the technology is EPA-registered for use in paint, coatings, caulks, sealants, adhesives and other products.

AirQual, launched in 2000, is a supplier of inorganic antimicrobial products for use in a variety of products and materials.