DuPont has entered a research agreement with Affinergy, Inc., a Duke University spinout, to assist in the company's research and development of a new line of bio-based products for its BioSurfaces business. Financial terms were not disclosed.

DuPont selected Affinergy because of its expertise in site-specific biological delivery technology, called Interfacial Biomaterials. This technology is complementary to the peptide technology being developed by DuPont scientists for its BioSurfaces business, which seeks to combine DuPont's biotechnology and coatings know-how to create new products.

"Affinergy's technology is a novel way to find coatings and materials that have the potential to be compatible and complementary to DuPont's cutting-edge bio-based technologies research," said Mike Saltzberg, global business director, DuPont Bio-Based Materials BioSurfaces. "This approach is consistent with our strategy to partner with expert companies to accelerate the development and commercialization of our bio-based materials portfolio."

"Affinergy is excited to work with a respected market leader like DuPont in applying our peptide linkers in markets outside of medical devices," said Peyton Anderson, Affinergy CEO. "DuPont's compelling vision for commercializing biotechnology-based products in their markets is backed by a serious commitment."