New Fluorotelomer Products
Nano Silver Powder
Additives for Coil Coatings
Resin Microspheres
Vacuum Metallized Pigments

  • Catalyst

    ARKEMA: Oxynitrox S100 is a versatile and innovative catalyst for oxidation reactions. High activities and selectivities are achieved for different types of alcohols, and its use can extend to polyols or carbohydrates. This catalyst is currently produced at the pilot scale. Its many advantages make it very useful in organic synthesis and are of particular interest in the field of specialty chemicals. Visit


  • New Fluorotelomer Products

    DUPONT: DuPont has successfully commercialized a new, patented manufacturing process to remove greater than 97% of trace levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its homologues and direct precursors from its fluorotelomer products. This milestone meets key commitments of the EPA voluntary stewardship program for product content, three years ahead of schedule. The new LX Platform Products are expected to be drop-in replacements for current DuPont products.

    The new products, based on existing DuPont Teflon®, Zonyl® and Foraperle® chemistries, maintain superior performance. The products will become available for customers in the first quarter of 2007 and are expected to be priced in the same range as current offerings. Visit


  • Nano Silver Powder

    FERRO CORP.: Nano Silver 7000-95 nano silver powder offers cost-efficient performance and high-volume availability that can enable broader commercialization of advanced technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), flexible displays, and printed, flexible circuits. Nano Silver 7000-95 is an enabling material for fine-line flexible circuits, which allows product designers more versatility and greater freedom to incorporate electronics into broader applications than previously possible with rigid silicon structures. The average particle size of Ferro’s Nano Silver 7000-95 is 60 nm, and surface area is about 10 m2/gm. Visit


  • Additives for Coil Coatings

    EASTMAN CHEMICAL CO.: The Eastman CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) product suite for coil coating manufacturers are specialized performance additives that enhance efficiencies and substantially improve finished outcomes. These high-performance additives ensure fewer surface defects, improve metallic and pearlescent flake alignment, improve flow and leveling, offer better gloss consistency, and purer white color value. Currently, 12 additives are available and can be used individually or in concert depending on a coil coater’s specific needs. Visit


  • Resin Microspheres

    GE – ADVANCED MATERIALS, SILICONES: Tospearl™ resin microspheres can help enhance the performance of a wide range of coatings used for automotive, architectural and other applications. The result of proprietary composition, the microspheres are offered in the form of a thermally stable, fine white powder. When used in a coating formulation, they can help provide a softer feel, matte finish, significantly lower friction and greater durability to natural materials such as leather and wood, as well as synthetics like vinyl. Visit


  • Additives

    CYTEC INDUSTRIES INC.: Cytec has launched the following ADDITOL additives:

    • ADDITOL XL6521, a wetting and dispersing agent that offers cost savings by providing higher efficiency and productivity based on 40-50% higher carbon black loading and manageable viscosity range.


    • ADDITOL XW6528, an acrylic resin that allows high loading capacity for organic and inorganic pigments, reduction in dispersing time, better gloss and significantly improved chemical and corrosion-resistance properties.


    • ADDITOL XL6515, a modified alkyd resin, which is an outstanding wetting agent with high pigment loading capacity, great color strength and compatibility with a wide range of binders.


  • Vacuum Metallized Pigments

    LIQUI-MET: Interest in Vacuum Metallized Pigment (VMP) technology is rapidly expanding as formulators are discovering new ways to develop exceptionally brilliant silvers and a wide range of polychromatic shades. The company offers a range of products, including various slurries and water-stabilized products. It also has the ability to provide different solvent carriers beyond what has traditionally been offered in the industry. Particle size can be tailored to end-users’ needs, and the company currently offers three distinct platelet thicknesses, which allow formulators greater flexibility to customize to suit their specific needs. Visit