Charles Ross and Son Co.:The Ross Series 700 high-shear mixer is commonly used for creating high-quality emulsions and dispersions throughout the process industries. This mixer incorporates special high-speed rotors running in close proximity to fixed stators. They are capable of generating the high shear rates required for manufacturing small droplet dispersions or emulsions. The mixer is available with the following interchangeable rotor/stator sets to control the level of shear and throughput.
  • Quad Slot rotor/stator set comprised of four intermeshing rows of teeth that provide high flow rates and high shear levels.


  • X-Series (patented) – low-profile rotor/stator set where the clearance between the rotor and stator is adjustable. This adjustability enables precise control of shear levels and flow rates.


  • MegaShear (patented) – the close-tolerance, high-flow-rate design that generates the highest shear levels of any rotor/stator mixer available.
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