PORTLAND, Maine - According to a market report from Intertech-Pira, high-performance pigments are outperforming their lower-grade rivals. The growing global demand for clearer, brighter colors in all types of applications has led to the rapid development of high-performance and special-effect pigments. From mobile phones to buildings, colors have become key to modern design and innovation. With consumers demanding ever-more sophisticated finishes, having the knowledge on how these markets are developing could be critical to an organization’s success.

“The Future of Global Markets for High-Performance and Effect Pigments to 2010” examines the high-performance pigments and special-effect market in detail, breaking down the market by pigment type, geographic region and end use. With quantitative forecasts to 2010 by volume and value, the report is a tool for business planning, market research and presentations.

For more information, including a full contents list, visit www.intertechpira.com or e-mail denise.davidson@pira-international.com.