Stain-Resistant Additive; Anti-Graffiti Coating; Defoamer; Additives

Stain-Resistant Additive

3M:3M™ Stain Resistant Additive (SRC-220) provides stain resistance and release characteristics to porous surfaces. SRC-220 is an aqueous polyurethane dispersion that can be diluted with water, water-soluble organic solvents and water/solvent mixtures to create a penetrating sealer that provides water and oil repellency to surfaces. The concentrate can also be used as an additive to provide stain resistance and stain release to many paints, coating and sealer formulations, and to various construction materials.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

KION SPECIALTY POLYMERS:G-Shield 74™ is a clear, ready-to-use polysilazane surface coating that provides dual protection against graffiti and heavy soiling. It allows for easy removal of graffiti including permanent marker, inks and paints. Road tar, tree sap, dirt, grease and other stains are also easily removed. In addition, the product resists alcohol- and ketone-based solvents, most organic solvents and brake fluids. Call 215/957.6100.


TEGO COATING ADDITIVES & SPECIALTY RESINS:Tego® Foamex 858 defoamer is especially effective in low-VOC (<50 g/L) architectural gloss and semi-gloss formulations. A 20%-active emulsion in water, the product eliminates foam with minimal risk of surface defects. Its ease of incorporation makes it suitable for use in coatings formulated with TiO2slurries. In addition, as a strong letdown defoamer, it provides excellent defoaming after long-term storage in a finished paint. Call 800/446.1809.


CYTEC:ADDITOL XL6521 is a wetting and dispersing agent that offers cost savings by providing higher efficiency and productivity based on 40-50% higher carbon black loading and manageable viscosity range. ADDITOL XW6528 is an acrylic resin that allows high loading capacity for organic and inorganic pigments, reduction in dispersing time, better gloss and significantly improved chemical and corrosion resistance properties. ADDITOL XL6515 is a modified alkyd resin, which is an outstanding wetting agent with high pigment loading capacity, great color strength and compatibility with a wide range of binders.