LYNDHURST, N.J. - Nemoto and United Mineral & Chemical Corporation (UMC) recently initiated patent litigation, as part of their active policing program, against three corporate infringers who were selling products sourced from China. Nemoto and UMC amicably resolved the litigation to their satisfaction.

Nemoto & Co., Ltd., Tokyo, inventor and owner of worldwide patents for long-afterglow and super-bright phosphorescent (photoluminescent) pigments based on strontium aluminate, has marketed its patented products worldwide since 1995.

UMC, Lyndhurst, N.J., is the sole distributor and the licensee of the Nemoto-patented products in the NAFTA region. The patented products are sold under the LumiNova® brand.

Nemoto and UMC will continue to pursue infringers selling non-licensed pigments in order to prohibit the installation of inferior materials in buildings, aircraft, trains and subways, and other public facilities requiring photoluminescent products used in egress systems for public safety. Nemoto and UMC demand that infringers compensate them for infringing sales and destroy existing inventories as the basis for settling litigation.