MIDLAND, MI - The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI, is introducing a new market-facing business unit, called Dow Coating Solutions. Dow Coating Solutions focuses exclusively on the needs of coatings formulators and leverages many resources within Dow, including more than a dozen different product chemistries, a highly trained and diverse R&D staff, and a global commercial and supply infrastructure.

“From house paints to industrial pipeline coatings, our goal is to continually enable new formulations with higher performance levels and lower environmental footprints,” George Hamilton, President of Dow Coating Solutions, explained. “Accomplishing this constant innovation can be done through chemistry-based solutions, and the formation of Dow Coating Solutions now gives customers of all sizes better access to the raw material knowledge, chemistries and reliable supply they need to compete in this complex marketplace.”

To better accomplish this goal, Dow Coating Solutions has developed structured, market-facing teams dedicated to three primary groups of formulators: companies serving the architectural coatings; transportation and corrosion protection; and industrial coatings industries. Within each of these three areas, Dow Coating Solutions has assembled R&D, sales and marketing experts.

At the same time, the company is taking a product-agnostic approach to developing and delivering innovations based on customer and industry needs. These efforts currently focus on four “innovation themes,” specifically, reducing environmental impact, improving environmental durability (e.g. UV stability, corrosion resistance, dirt pickup resistance), reducing application and life-cycle costs, and enabling “smart” coating functionality