SINGAPORE - Rohm and Haas Co. has opened a new Southeast Asia Technical Laboratory in Singapore. The laboratory supports Rohm and Haas’s latest efforts to bring new technology to the fast-growing Southeast Asia market. The laboratory staff collaborates closely with customers in the region who want to optimize technology and create paint and coatings applications that meet the exact needs of the local market. 
“Rohm and Haas has been adapting its technology to meet local needs for decades,” said Bruce Hoechner, Vice President and General Manager for the Paint and Coatings Materials business in the Asia-Pacific Region. “In recent years, we have been investing more and more in our research and technical capabilities in the region to support our customers. This new lab in Singapore ensures that we can continue the success of our customers, and of Rohm and Haas, for years to come.”
“The new lab in Singapore will enable the technical team to build closer relationships with customers in South East Asia and provide faster turn around time for samples and projects,” said Bee Chin Liew, Technical Manager, Paint and Coatings Materials, South East Asia. “These capabilities will also facilitate the marketing and business teams in faster product development and further strengthen the working relationship with our customers, enhance the knowledge of the coatings industry and bring innovative products quicker to the market in South East Asia."