Leverkusen, Germany - Bayer MaterialScience has opened a production plant at the integrated production site in Shanghai to manufacture polyurethane dispersions (PUD). The plant has an annual capacity of 20,000 metric tons. Bayer MaterialScience now has facilities in North America, Europe and Asia for these key raw materials for manufacturing environmentally friendly, waterborne coating systems and adhesives.
"We are looking to safeguard supplies out of Shanghai in the long term for the rapidly growing Asian market in particular, thereby actively benefiting from growth in this region," explained Dr. Joachim Wolff, head of the Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties (CAS) Business Unit and member of the Executive Committee of Bayer MaterialScience. "This sees us underpinning our leading international role on the polyurethane raw materials market and strengthening our long-term presence in Asia. At the same time, we are living up to the responsibility we have set ourselves to maintain sustainable economic development, for example through the Bayer Climate Program," he added.
The production of polyurethane dispersions in Shanghai reflects the increase in environmental awareness that has recently become evident in China. The products in question form an important basis for manufacturing waterborne and thus low-emission paints, coatings and adhesives for a variety of applications. These include metal, wood and plastic coatings, adhesives for the footwear, furniture and automotive industries, textile and leather coatings, and glass fiber sizing.
The second ecological aspect concerns the new production facility itself, which sets standards through technology that are not only innovative and robust but also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The CAS Business Unit has also invested heavily in its Polymer Research & Development Center in Shanghai to provide analytical processes, ensuring high, consistent product quality and offering customers locally-based, cutting-edge technical support. High-quality products and comprehensive know-how thus deliver innovative, customer-oriented system solutions.