SOUTHFIELD, MI – BASF has formed a strategic alliance with Atotech, a developer and manufacturer of chemistry and equipment for general metal finishing and printed circuit board production.
“We are pleased to be leveraging the bio-chemical expertise of the industry by forming a strategic alliance with Atotech,“ said Juan Carlos Ordonez, Group Vice President of BASF Coatings North America.
Specifically, BASF will leverage Atotech’s bio-chemical detackification technology, chemicals in the water curtain that treat overspray paint during the painting process of automobile manufacture. Once these detackification chemicals come in contact with paint overspray, it causes the paint to coagulate.
“Paint overspray treatment is very important because it maintains paint booth cleanliness,” said John Kochilla, Atotech’s Worldwide Paint Support Technologies Business Manager. “Effective treatment safely removes paint from water, extending water life and ultimately conserving a precious resource.”
The Atotech system is designed to treat solvent and waterborne paint with little or no equipment modifications. This process substantially reduces sludge, stabilizes chemical oxygen demand (COD) and water parameters, requires less maintenance, reduces equipment cleaning, improves water conservation, and virtually eliminates odors in the process.