HUNT VALLEY, MD – Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. (RNT), developer and manufacturer of NanoFoil®, has reached an agreement with Ito Corp., a distributor of electronic materials and components headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, to distribute RNT’s NanoFoil products. Ito will manage the sale and distribution of NanoFoil products from its offices in Tokyo and Bangkok, Thailand. Ito will distribute RNT products in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.  

“We are very excited to announce our relationship with Ito and are confident in Ito’s track record for delivering high-technology solutions to various sectors of the Japanese and Southeast Asia electronics industries,” commented Michael P. O’Neill, RNT’s Global Vice President of Sales. “In these markets, it is important to have competent and efficient distribution that understands local requirements and supply chain logistics. Ito is best suited to service RNT’s target markets in electronics assembly and large area joining.”  

“Ito is excited about working with Reactive NanoTechnologies,” stated Peter J. Opdahl, President of Ito Corp.  “The NanoFoil product is an innovative solution to several difficult problems that have plagued our customer base, and we are extremely pleased at being able to bring this technology to them. RNT has also shown the technical prowess and commitment to customer satisfaction that is required to succeed in Asia. We at Ito are excited about being able to partner with them as a distributor.”  

RNT is a venture-financed company that develops and manufactures NanoFoil, a product used to precisely control the instantaneous release of heat energy for joining and reaction initiation applications that current technology cannot effectively or economically address.