The National Association for Surface Finishing has announced the names of the new officers and board members for 2009.

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) has announced the names of new officers and board members for 2009. The board was elected by the general membership in elections held this fall, with officers chosen at the annual board meeting on Nov. 19, 2008, in Washington, DC.
Michael Siegmund, MacDermid Inc., Waterbury, CT, has been selected to serve as the President of the trade association for 2009. He will succeed Ray Lucas, Valley Chrome Plating Inc., Clovis, CA, who has completed a two-year term. Lucas stated, “I am honored and proud to have served as President of NASF for the past two years. The NASF Board of Directors is comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated leaders who understand the value that our association provides and are committing their time and resources to strengthen the collective voice of the surface finishing industry.”
Other officers for 2009 are: Tony Revier, Uyemura International Corp., Ontario, CA, Vice President; Pat Gleason, Microfinish Co. Inc., St. Louis, MO, Secretary/Treasurer; Rick Delawder, SWD Inc., Addison, IL, Executive Committee Member At Large; and Ray Lucas, Past-President.
Results from NASF’s recent Board of Directors election were also announced. Newly elected to the Board for a two-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2009, was Blair Vandivier, Benchmark Products Inc., Indianapolis, IN. Re-elected for two-year terms were: Bob Burger, KC Jones Plating Co., Warren, MI; Peter Gallerani, Integrated Technologies, Danville, VT; Tom Gerhardt, General Super Plating Co., East Syracuse, NY; Pat Gleason and John Kinne, Xtalic Corp., Marlborough, MA; Ray Lucas and Bill Wiggins, Automation Plating Corp., Glendale, CA; and Joelie Zak, Scientific Control Labs, Chicago, IL.
Other members of the board include: Tony Alcaro, Alcaro & Alcaro Plating Co., Montclair, NJ; Rick Delawder and Ken Hankinson, KCH Services, Forest City, NC; Jim Jones, Dixie Industrial Finishing, Tucker, GA; Mike Kelly, Asko Processing Inc., Seattle, WA; Charles Remied, Serfilco, Ltd., Northbrook, IL; and Tony Revier, Michael Siegmund and Jerry Wahlin, AAA Plating & Inspection Inc., Compton, CA.
NASF is a membership trade association whose mission is to promote the advancement of the North American surface finishing industry. Its members include metal finishing companies, suppliers, technicians, researchers, academics, consultants, students and others.