FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Troy Corp. has announced that all Biocide Product Directive (BPD) dossiers for its actives sold within the EU have been submitted on schedule.
According to Didier Leroy, Regulatory Affairs Manager, European Operations, the fourth and last phase of submission of active substance dossiers under the BPD review of existing active substances ended in November 2008. The review of active substances will continue until May 2013-2014, meaning active substances that are supported can continue to be sold and used for another few years under a transitional period. Additionally, it has proven impossible for the EU authorities to finalize their review during the intended 10-year review period ending May 2010. As a result, the program will be extended another three to four years.
“Troy remains committed to supporting its customers during the BPD registration process and continues to be the leading biocides and performance additives supplier you have come to expect,” stated Ismael Colon, Vice President and Managing Director, Europe.