SHANGHAI, China - At Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in Shanghai, China, Evonik Industries is currently completing the technical equipment that will be part of a large integrated production site for methacrylates. The project is part of the expansion of worldwide production capacity for thermoplastic methacrylic resins at Evonik.
"The construction of a plant in Shanghai underlines the great importance of the Chinese industrial coatings market for Evonik," said Ulrich Küsthardt, President of the Coatings & Additives Business Unit. "This enables us to serve the growing requirements of our Asian customers from a local base."
The use of innovative polymerization technology makes it possible to manufacture solid binders that meet the most stringent quality standards of the coatings industry. "This new generation of solid binders will improve the performance of the final coating products," said Dirk Höhler, who is responsible for the coating resins product line.
The products manufactured at the new plant will be used for industrial coatings, such as marine, container paints and plastics coatings, but will also act as binders in printing inks and ceramic transfer lacquers.
The plant is due to go into operation in the second half of next year.