CLEVELAND - U.S.-based specialty chemicals producer OM Group, Inc. and Rahu Catalytics have agreed to develop a long-term global license and supply agreement for novel technology in the field of additives for coatings, inks and composites.
According to the agreement, OMG will acquire the rights to use Rahu’s new iron-based FeONIX oxidation catalysts as driers in coatings and inks, and polymerization additives for composites. Designed to meet future legislation relating to the use of transition metal-based soaps in these markets, FeONIX complexes offer ultra-low dosage to generate high performance in use. Extensive testing has demonstrated a range of major technical and commercial benefits for users in addition to an improved environmental profile.
OMG will introduce its new range of coatings and ink products at the European Coatings Show in Nuremburg in March 2009, presenting a technical paper at the parallel technical symposium.
According to Stephen D. Dunmead, Vice President and General Manager, Specialties Group of OM Group, the agreement supports OMG’s strategy to expand its product portfolio and technology base. “We are pleased to join with Rahu Catalytics to develop market-leading specialty chemicals for coatings and composites,” said Dunmead.
Rahu CEO Paul Smith welcomed the deal, which confirmed commercialization of a second major catalyst platform for Rahu, after recent successes with its manganese-based Dragon complexes in the field of textiles, chemical synthesis and waste-water treatment. “OMG is a company with a clear vision, and we are excited about collaborating with such a great team of people to create real value for our customers.”