CINCINNATI – The ChemQuest Group Inc. and Plasmatreat North America have entered into an agreement to supply plasma surface conditioning equipment to support clients of the ChemQuest Technology Institute in South Boston, Virginia.

The ChemQuest Technology Institute provides clients access to a replicate manufacturing environment, laboratory services and technological support for specialty chemicals companies in the coatings, adhesives, sealants, plastics, inks, personal care and other sectors. The incorporation of Plasmatreat equipment allows clients to experience the benefits of in-line plasma surface treatment to clean and activate any surface. This process can reshape manufacturing and enhance sustainability, economy and efficiency by eliminating chemical processes and substrate variables.

Plasmatreat provides customized surface treatments solutions using Atmospheric Plasma and Low-Pressure Plasma technologies. Plasma pretreatment is the key enabler technology for microfine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating of nearly all kinds of materials – from plastics, metals and glass to cardboard, textiles and composites.

"Now the lab will have plasma surface conditioning capability as well," said Andy Stecher, President and CEO of Plasmatreat North America. "Plasma provides the safe, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and technically proven surface treatment alternative that the institute is all about," said Stecher.

“We believe this is a way for development to occur faster by allowing clients to develop data and implementation plans specific to their needs," said Edye Fox Abrams, ChemQuest's Director of Business Development. "This technology will also assist formulators as they are presented more diverse and challenging substrates."

For more information on The ChemQuest Technology Institute, contact Edye Fox Abrams, Director of Business Development, at 410/215.5731 (e-mail