LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany - The first stage of the European chemicals policy REACH is now complete with the end of the preregistration phase on Dec. 1, 2008. BASF submitted some 40,000 preregistrations with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki by the deadline, making BASF one of the companies most affected by REACH.
Substances that have not been preregistered are not allowed to be manufactured in or imported to the EU from the end of preregistration until their final registration. Registration deadlines differ depending on production volume and substance properties. “We went into this process well prepared,” said Dr. Ulrich von Deessen, head of the BASF Competence Center Environment, Health and Safety, “The effort has paid off; all our substances have been preregistered on schedule. Success factors include open dialogue with our customers and effective information sharing within the chemical industry. Developing pragmatic solutions with national and European authorities will also contribute to the successful implementation of REACH.”
BASF took steps early on to get ready for REACH. A REACH Implementation team was set up back in 2005. Central databases were developed specially for compiling dossiers and to facilitate project management. The BASF Group estimates that implementing REACH will cost the company approximately EUR 500 million to EUR 550 million by the final implementation deadline in 2018.