B.L. Downey Company LLC has recently completed the fabrication, powder coating and shipping of 51 light poles to the Frank Sinatra estate in Las Vegas. B.L. Downey Company was selected for the project because of its fabricating and powder coating processes that ensure a long life for the metal poles, as well as an attractive and durable finish.

The company fabricates light poles to customized lengths, creates appropriate openings for electrical wiring, then powder coats the metal using a proprietary four-step process. Also available is an anti-graffiti coating, which is helpful in urban areas. The anti-graffiti coating allows maintenance crews to remove graffiti with a simple wipe of mineral spirits, while preserving the coating and metal underneath. Both regular and anti-graffiti coatings are available in any color.

“Our desire is to streamline the process for municipalities and keep their costs low by supplying them with fabricated light poles as well as providing the best type of coating for any metal product, such as fencing, park benches, gazebos and more,” said

Dave Wasz, president of B.L. Downey Company. “We see graffiti-resistant coating services as the future for municipalities, airports and other public agencies.”

In addition to light poles, the company provides e-coat and/or powder coat for any metal product, including parking garage retaining equipment, playground equipment, concrete reinforcements, hospital equipment, sports equipment, steel channeling,

transportation equipment, steel tubing, road mesh, automotive equipment, appliances, furniture, fencing, wire and more.

For more information, visit www.bldowney.com or contact Dennis Kalata at dkalata@bldowney.com, or Tom Moser at tmoser@bldowney.com.