HORGEN, Switzerland -Shifting its focus from REACH preregistration to registration, The Dow Chemical Co. announced that it has established the Dow Only Representative Trustee (ORT) to leverage REACH registrations and thereby reduce costs all along its supply chains.
Under some specific conditions, the Dow ORT can offer to use the Dow registrations to cover REACH requirements for “indirect imports” of Dow substances by European Union (EU) importers. To ensure confidentiality of customers’ business information, Dow has selected PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory N.V. in the Netherlands to operate as the Trustee. With the Only Representative Trustee solution, Dow will enable its selected direct non-EU customers and indirect EU customers (importers) to avoid excessive REACH compliance costs.
Dow ORT will make it easier for EU importers within Dow’s supply chain to see their REACH registration obligations covered.
For more information on the Dow Only Representative Trustee, visit www.pwc-reachtrustee.com/dow/ or www.reach.dow.com.