MALVERN, UK - Users of Viscotek GPC/SEC dilute solution viscosity and light scattering systems in India are taking advantage of newly enhanced customer support; the entire product range is now being managed directly in the region by Malvern Aimil Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Viscotek, a leader in gel permeation chromatography (GPC/SEC) solutions, became a Malvern company in January 2008. The establishment in May last year of a joint venture between Malvern and Aimil, Malvern’s long-term distribution partner in India, also paved the way to extending technical and applications support for Viscotek customers in that area.
Stuart Wakefield, Distributor Sales Manager for Malvern, confirmed that, “The Malvern Aimil team has recently been enlarged to accommodate the Viscotek range and to provide all users with access to the comprehensive support services for which Malvern is known around the world. As in all countries, the activities of our local specialist teams are also backed by Malvern’s international Help Desk and vast array of web-based services and support.”
Malvern Aimil is headquartered in Mumbai, India, with staff operating from eight offices across India, and has centers of excellence in Bangalore and Boroda.
Web-based services delivered by Malvern include interactive training, an extensive program of free web seminars, and a knowledge base containing materials ranging from brochures, technical and application notes, to downloadable presentations and recorded web seminars.