LODI, NJ - According to the consulting firm Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney, global coating consumption in 2009 is projected to total 60 billion pounds (as supplied), worth $87 billion. Coating volume will be down some 2 percent from 2008; value will be off even more owing to declining prices. Dollar exchange rate fluctuations will also be a factor in the final coating dollar value. Asia Pacific is the only region forecast to have positive growth in 2009, with a 1-percent increase. Most countries in Asia Pacific will show declines in consumption over 2008; China and India will contribute modest growth.
Europe and North America are each forecast to have volume declines of 6-7 percent in 2009. In addition to challenging end-use markets, new regulations are lowering VOCs in these regions and putting pressure on coating formulators. Motor vehicle production has also plummeted, which has fostered a large decline in demand for automotive coatings. Europe and North America each consume about 22-23 percent of the global coating volume.
World architectural paint consumption in 2009 is forecast at 34 billion pounds, down 3 percent from 2008. Original equipment manufacturer’s coating consumption in 2009 is projected to come in at 16.5 billion pounds, off 8 percent from 2008. Special-purpose coating consumption in 2009 is expected to be nearly the same as the prior year.
The information is derived from Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney’s current multi-client study project, Global Paint & Coatings. The study is available through subscription. Interested parties are invited to contact the company by phone at 973/472.0300 or by e-mail at nerlfikng@cs.com.