Göttelborn, Germany - Nanogate is making sure that, even after many years in action, the Opel Insignia still looks like new on the inside. With the help of the innovative Nanogate-Technologie®, the seat covers of the Opel Insignia are enhanced in such a way that they do not get dirty. This allows Nanogate AG, an international nanotechnology company, to expand its market position in the automotive sector. With the Insignia, Car of the Year 2009, Opel has become the first manufacturer in the world to equip its seating upholstery with this new-style coating from Nanogate.
The first vehicles with the "Top Tec" enhancement have now been delivered, and Nanogate hopes to generate a sales volume running into at least six figures (euros) with this new technology.
To begin with, the Opel Insignia, the Car of the Year 2009, is being fitted out with the innovative protective layer. Thanks to its worldwide series release, further vehicles and brands from General Motors can now be enhanced with this product. The seat coating with its nanostructures prevents dirt or liquids from penetrating the fabric and discoloring the material. This coating from Nanogate means that a light dab is enough to remove the dirt. As a result, coffee, ketchup, pen ink or oil can no longer stain the highly sensitive seats. The upholstery's breathable properties are also retained. The protective coating settles on every single fiber of the textile and is also resistant to cleaning agents. In addition, other functions such as antistatic and antibacterial properties and greater protection against flame damage can be integrated into the product. The Nanogate-Technologie® was developed in the Functional Textiles division, which was established in 2008; active marketing of it began several weeks ago.
Nanogate CEO Ralf Zastrau points out, "The fact that General Motors has released our technology globally for the series is a milestone for Nanogate. It shows the superiority and practical value of our solutions and not only in the Functional Textiles division. This success means that our years of development work are starting to pay off. We expect that this new technology will enable us in the medium term to generate euro sales running into at least six figures, as well as attractive margins. In addition to the series launch with Opel, we are involved in numerous rounds of promising negotiations with powerful companies from other sectors."