AKRON, OH - Eliokem has announced the appointment of new Regional Directors in the United States, India, China and Asia Pacific.
John Malloy has been appointed Regional Director for the United States. Malloy joined Eliokem in 2002 as Director of Finance and Administration. He will retain those duties along with the new assignment.
Lester Liu has been appointed Regional Director for China. Liu joined Eliokem in 2004 as Manager of the company’s new plant in Ningbo, China. In 2007, he was promoted to China Manufacturing Manager in charge of a new project based in Caojing, Shanghai.
Deepak Birje has been appointed Regional Director for India. In 1998, Birje set up the India Liaison office for Goodyear Chemicals (later Eliokem), where he was responsible for sales and marketing of products manufactured in the Le Havre, Akron and Ningbo plants. He was involved in Eliokem’s acquisition of Apar's Polymer Division Valia Plant in India in 2008.
Terence Poon has been appointed Regional Director for Asia Pacific (except China and India). Poon joined Goodyear (Eliokem) in 1983. He has held several functional capacities including Sales and Marketing, Business Development, and Operation and General Management.