NORTHVALE, NJ - Antistatic Industries, a division of ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., Northvale, NJ, has several applications using nanotechnology in creating new markets, some of which are very fascinating.
The first new application is a silver stat bag for shielding and shipping computers and computer parts. Instead of using aluminum, the company uses nanosilver, which allows the user the ability to read the barcode and information inside the bag. You can also bend, fold or crumple the bag and not lose the conductivity to prevent static electricity from entering the bag, something that cannot be done with aluminum.
The second application is nanosilver flexo inks. The company uses nanosilver to print lottery tickets and has a patent to create a 3-D video of an actual slot machine. The wheels turn and create a winner or loser. 18 games are played from one card, and the computer totals up the scores of what the player won or lost at the end of the game. These tickets are currently being used in Pennsylvania and Kansas.
The third innovation is a silver-printed, half-tone film-screen cover for computers that allows the full screen in the operating room to be covered with a static silver clear PET film. The film is antibacterial and antistatic with removable adhesive on the back. Doctors performing surgery view the X-rays, enlarge them, and in doing so they touch the screen with their operating gloves. Before, they had to manually clean the screens after each operation. Now there is no cleaning of the computer screen; hospital staff removes and throws the lightweight see-through films in the biohazard bags.