SEOUL, Korea - BASF Coatings and Kia Motors have reached an agreement to cooperate in automotive refinish solutions at Kia Motors' after-sales network in locations around the world.
The agreement recognizes BASF Automotive Refinish as an official automotive refinish paint supplier for Kia Motor’s after-sales network worldwide. In addition, BASF Automotive Refinish will provide Kia Motors official service packages, adapted to local agreements.
Particularly important among the service package is an automotive refinish training program, jointly developed to meet and fulfill all the requirements of the dealer network of Kia Motors worldwide. BASF will help train hundreds of expert body shop workers and repair technicians in the best way to restore a car to its pre-accident condition.
“It is an honor for us to have this global cooperation agreement with Kia Motors. By working more closely together in the field of automotive refinish solutions, and by offering our insight and support, we hope that both companies can continue to prosper in the evolving global market,” said Kenneth Marshall, Regional Business Director of BASF Coatings Asia Pacific.
Marshall continued, "Refinishing is a highly sophisticated process that needs world-class solutions to ensure the best quality. It's all about providing the best support possible to the person who's painting your Kia, meaning that Kia owners around the world will be assured their Kia has a finish just as good as before the accident.”
BASF solutions help body shop owners provide excellent refinishing work through the latest innovations in color matching and management. For example, BASF's best-in-class color software for color-matching computers, or spectrophotometers, helps scientifically match colors at a level that will satisfy the most demanding artist's eye. BASF consultants also work with paint shop owners and refinishing staff to understand the full spectrum of needs from vehicle owners.
Coatings solutions by BASF include the latest water-based solutions that eliminate odor by minimizing VOCs from drying paint.