PORTLAND, OR - The committee for NW Coatings Fest 2010 has issued a Call for Papers. The event is set to take place May 12-14, 2010, at The Benson Hotel, Portland, OR.
The theme of the conference is “New Technologies for Emerging Markets.” The board of the PNWSCT would like all presenters to direct their focus on helping the formulating chemist to make environmentally friendly coatings without sacrificing the quality expectations of today’s informed consumers. Presenters should center their talk on architectural, maintenance or industrial coatings systems. Presentations are expected to last 40 minutes with a five-minute time period at the end for questions. The target audience consists of formulators with all levels of experience.
Interested presenters should submit their paper to Peter D. Cutrona, Technical Chair, PNWSCT. Send it via email to peter@jfshelton.com in a PDF format. The deadline is Dec. 1, 2009. Call 971/275.5658 with questions.