WASHINGTON, D.C. – Subcommittee D01.44 on Traffic Coatings, part of ASTM International Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications, is currently working on two proposed new standards covering the sampling of waterborne traffic paint and glass bead gradation measurement.

A proposed new ASTM standard, ASTM WK22312, Practice for Drum and Tote Sampling of Waterborne Traffic Paint, addresses laboratory sampling issues for traffic coatings. Interested parties are invited to join in the ongoing development of ASTM WK22312. The committee would like to know how sampling is currently being done and what test methods and equipment are currently available. Contact Greg Shay at shaygd@dow.com for additional information.

Glass beads added to traffic paint during manufacturing are necessary to ensure paint retro reflectivity, especially at night. A proposed new standard, ASTM WK23758, Test Method for Measuring Gradation of Glass Beads Using a Flowing Stream Digital Image Analyzer, will be useful in the production and quality control of glass beads.

“Digital camera technology combined with high-speed computers has yielded a very useful tool for determining accurate gradation analysis of glass beads,” said Gary Ware, an ASTM D01 committee member. “This proposed standard defines the first standardized test method for this application.” For technical information about this standard, contact Gary Ware at gary.ware@swarco.com.