CINCINNATI - Effective April 15, 2010, Pilot Chemical Co. is increasing list and off-list pricing for a number of its surfactants. These price movements are in addition to Pilot Chemical’s Feb. 15, 2010, price increase announcement. The increase is in response to escalating raw-material costs.
Aristonate® alkyl aryl sulfonates will increase by 4.0–7.5 c/lb. Aristonic® acids will increase by 5.0–8.5 c/lb. CalBlend® performance blends will increase by 3.0 c/lb. Calamide® alkanolamides will increase by 8.0 c/lb. Calfax® diphenyl oxide disulfonates and disulfonic acids by 4.0–6.0 c/lb. Calfoam® alcohol and ether sulfates will increase by 3.0–7.0 c/lb. Calimulse® emulsion aids will increase by 2.0–8.0 c/lb. Calsoft® and Calimulse® alpha olefin sulfonates will increase by 2.0–4.0 c/lb. Calsoft® flaked sulfonates will increase by 8.0 c/lb. Calsoft, Calimulse and Pilot® branched alkyl benzene sulfonic acids will increase by 3.0 c/lb. Calsuds® detergent concentrates will increase by 3.0–6.0 c/lb. Pilot hydrotropes will increase by 2.0–5.0c/lb., and Pilot Chemical’s specialty products will increase by 1.5–5.0 c/lb.