Sandefjord, Norway - Jotun recently won a major power plant project in Indonesia. In addition to existing contracts, a 10.000 megawatt project will be completed during 2009-2014. Jotun will supply more than 5 billion liters of paint, to protect the 10 electric power facilities.
Jotun Indonesia has already secured numerous power plants in recent years, cooperating with Jotun worldwide, to protect the Indonesian power plants.
“I believe that our global presence and outstanding teamwork will contribute to the project’s success. For Jotun Indonesia, the upcoming year will be very exciting”, says Willy Djainudin, Energy Concept Manager, Jotun Indonesia.
Jotun has secured important power plant projects such as Muara Karang, Paiton and Rembang. 2008 and 2009 has been great "energy years” for Indonesia. The energy concept has contributed to almost 17 percent of the total Indonesian turnover. Additional 20.000 megawatt power plants will be built in Indonesia during 2009-2020.