MIDDLEBORO, MA – Brookfield, Middleboro, MA, offers two courses that provide users of Brookfield instrumentation with the hands-on knowledge to get the most out of their viscosity test methods. These day-long training sessions are presented in easy-to-understand terms that give attendees the working knowhow to verify and improve upon the data required for meaningful research and development and successful quality-control testing.
The courses are offered at Brookfield’s facility in Middleboro, MA, and at major metropolitan areas across the United States. Arrangements can also be made to conduct the course at customers’ facilities where content can be adapted to specific product applications.
The Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements provides attendees with the tools and concepts they need to make the most precise viscosity measurements possible. The course is designed for operators at all levels of experience. Participants are encouraged to bring product samples for testing where hands-on time is provided.
The Applied Course on Viscosity Test Methods is designed for the intermediate-to-advanced Brookfield Instrumentation user in research and development, analytical, and process engineering functions. Focusing on test methods and techniques, it will review and discuss how Brookfield rotational viscometers and rheometers can be used to provide meaningful product analysis. The course takes participants beyond pass/fail criteria, to an understanding of how to apply viscometric data as a problem solving and product performance/processing tool.