MUNICH, Germany/KOLKATA, India – Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Kolkata, India-based company was set up in 1998 as a joint venture between the Munich chemical company WACKER and Metroark Ltd. in India. Operations for the joint venture started in 1999. With a workforce of over 130, the joint venture – in which WACKER has a 51 percent stake – produces and distributes silicones primarily for the textile, personal care, construction and automotive sectors.
Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. oversees all sales and marketing activities concerning silicone products on the Indian subcontinent. In recent years, the company has experienced above-average growth, exceeding 20 percent a year.
Wacker Metroark Chemicals has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Dhaka (Bangladesh) and operates in the Indian subcontinent’s major commercial centers. Key markets are the textile, personal care, automotive, construction, coatings, plastics, adhesives and packaging sectors. Additionally, the company markets WACKER silicone sealants, silanes and pyrogenic silica in India.