Consumers’ increased environmental awareness and more stringent regulations are driving formulators to seek innovative green solutions for water-based architectural and industrial coatings. To support coatings manufacturers in satisfying the consumer demand for products that offer both outstanding performance and environmental soundness, global specialty chemicals supplier Cognis has recently launched DSX 3100, a new nonionic associative thickener suitable for all types of paints.

DSX 3100 is a Newtonian polyurethane thickener that is free from VOCs and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs). It does not contain heavy metals (such as organic tin compounds) or solvents and is odor-free. Utilizing advanced technology, it acts as an excellent high-shear viscosity builder, which allows for reduction of KU builders such as cellulose ethers and provides one-coat coverage capability. The new thickener offers excellent gloss, sag resistance and leveling, as well as outstanding color acceptance, making it suitable for all types of architectural and industrial paints, from premium flat and eggshell finishes to semi-gloss and gloss coatings. Its high efficiency in ICI viscosity (typically 20% up to 50% higher efficiency in formulations tested) provides the opportunity to reduce the total thickener content and makes it a preferred choice for paint formulations where scrub or water resistance are important.

DSX 3100 enables paint manufacturers to develop architectural paints that can cover a surface with just one coat, with reduced spatter. It also helps improve scrub resistance, and contains no ingredients requiring the product to carry hazard labels that would make it difficult to market as green. It is easy to handle during production, and can be incorporated into coating formulations without high shear mixing.

Building Strong High-Shear Viscosity

“With DSX 3100, we have developed an extremely efficient Newtonian viscosity builder that meets the main demands of today’s paint market,” says Andrea Schamp, Global Marketing Manager Architectural Coatings Cognis. “Users are increasingly looking for environmentally sound solutions which do not compromise on performance, quality or ease of application. DSX 3100 has a unique combination of benefits: it is an effective high shear viscosity builder, and at the same time is easy to incorporate and ecologically sound. Hence it gives paint manufacturers the competitive edge they need to succeed.”