Acumen Seals of Manchester, England, has secured an exclusive UK distributor agreement with Europe’s fastest-growing mechanical seal manufacturer, Fluiten Seals.

Acumen Seals of Manchester, England, has secured an exclusive UK distributor agreement with Europe’s fastest-growing mechanical seal manufacturer, Fluiten Seals. Fluiten is based in Milan, Italy, and has been manufacturing cartridge seals and carrying out industrial projects since 1962. Fluiten is engaged in a complete range of industries from mixing and agitator applications to petrochemical/chemical projects. They also offer highly innovative and competitive seals for petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, energy, paper and naval.

Their production ranges from a 20 mm diameter water seal to the seal fitted at the bottom of a reactor column working at 350 °C. Fluiten is always quick to adopt the latest technologies and is continuously researching new developments and new materials. The research results are evident in their products, accurately addressing every detail, matching the customers' requirements and urgency.

Fluiten’s niche product range is that of mechanical seals for mixing equipment, particularly ones used in adhesives, coatings and dyes. In addition to providing fully pressure-balanced double mechanical seals they are also able to offer customers a complete system including flow meters and thermosyphon systems (designed according to standard API 682).

Acumen/Fluiten successfully supply leading mixer equipment manufacturers with bespoke designs and offer single-seal or double-seal units with integral flanged and jacketed casings. Cartridge seals are also available with an integral bearing mounted in the seal housing and are offered in various options according to the seal type specified.

Specific seals are designed to compensate for use in mixers with high side entry, low side entry and lateral side loading, or for many other machines such as driers, reactors and dynamic filters.

The cartridge seal range is certified according to ATEX directive 94/9/CE (TÜV), which has defined the European requirements for equipment installed in critical, potentially explosive areas.

The main characteristics for the cartridge seal range are as noted below.

  • Bi-Directional: They can be installed on clockwise or anti-clockwise rotating shaft.

  • Universal: Geometry and materials maximize its application range.

  • Self-Positioning: Auto-positioning device, which is removed before startup.

  • Robust: The seals include two robust clutch pins resistant to vibrations, cavitations and mechanical stress.

  • · Price: Engineered to reduce production costs without compromising quality levels.
  • No Catastrophic Failures: The absence of a bellows guarantees that in case of failure there is no product leakage.

  • Low-Turbulence Heat Generations: The internal geometry reduces the amount of heat generated by turbulences.

  • Cartridge Design: Complete of flange and shaft sleeve to guarantee reliable and easy installation.

  • Resistant to Acid Bases: They are resistant to products that are moderately chemically aggressive.

  • Self-Cleaning: They eliminate possible particle sedimentation using centrifugal force.

  • Low Emissions: The geometry of the rings have been studied to avoid deformations and guarantees face contact effectiveness

  • Stock-Reduction: Optimized material for stock reduction.

Acumen Seals also offer a complete in-house refurbishment facility and have experience in repairing all mechanical seals used in mixing applications like Eiger Mill Mixers for example. We successfully refurbish 65 mm double cartridge seals for a leading dispersion company and offer a 24-hour turnaround on the repair. Our ability to do this comes from years of experience and large stock levels held at Manchester.

The partnership between Acumen-Fluiten integrates over 40 years of Fluiten's mechanical seal expertise and application knowledge with Acumen’s global sales and service network to provide customers with a broad and technologically advanced product

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